Debt Reduction Calculator

Debt can have a crippling effect on your life as a whole. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless—but you have options when it comes to debt relief and debt reduction. At Pivotal Wealth, we can help you get started on your way to a life without debt. On your debt-free journey, your money will become your own, and you can spend it or save it any way you’d like!


Fill Out Our Debt Reduction Calculator


By taking a few minutes to fill out our debt reduction calculator, you can be on your way to erasing your debt for good! Our team of financial experts are equipped to help you on your journey to debt freedom and financial success. Fill out the debt reduction calculator to see what the program could do for you!


Information you’ll need handy to fill out the debt calculator form:


1: Number of unsecured debts


2: Total amount in $ you owe on all accounts


This information will allow us to show you a snapshot of what our program can do for you.The results page you land on will also show you your current debt plan and our proposed new debt plan. In addition, you’ll see your current payment amounts and our proposed new payment amounts according to your suggested debt relief strategy.

Start Your Debt Relief Plan Today!


We’ll lay out a recommended debt relief method that could include debt validation, debt assumption, or a different form of debt reduction. To get started on getting rid of your debt, give our Pivotal Wealth agents a call today.