Chances are, if you’re not investing then you’re not growing your wealth.


But how do you get there? At Pivotal Wealth, we’re passionate about helping individuals and families remove the most common barriers they face when trying to build wealth. If you’re not sure where to start, let us show you a proven method that can free you from debt and start you on the path to wealth accumulation.

No investing experience, or money to invest?

We are partnered with Apiary, who has developed a simple step-by-step system with a proven record of success in developing profitable investors. Next to experience, money is the second biggest obstacle you’ll face in creating income and wealth from the market. With us, no matter your skill level, we will train you to become knowledgable in the markets AND fund you 100% of your trading account.

How do I make money? And how much?

Obviously, different traders will have different results, but our goal is to help you develop consistent profits. We understand that you’re not going to get rich quick when first starting out, so what
we will do is increase your account size as you improve your performance. This gives you a chance to continue participating in larger / more rewarding trades and in return, scale up your monthly income.

Can I really make this work?

Yes, we know you can make this work because we’ve seen it work over and over again. In fact, 87% of our traders who pass the Silver Hive requirements are able to produce some remarkable results. High win-to-loss ratio, average win, greater than average loss, no losses greater than 20%… In the financial industry, this is the golden performance.

We are here to develop consistently profitable traders. It is our belief that if we can successfully reach that goal, then we will have built something of great worth. Both to you, and to us… You will have learned to make money in the market – so you are better off! And you will be trading our money – so we are better off! We can both grow and enjoy the benefits long into the future.